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Landry Communications is a single-source provider of business communication solutions, including:

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Landry Communications has been serving clients throughout Southern New England by providing comprehensive communication solutions and exceptional customer service since 1993.

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Telecommunications carriers are expanding their data transmission capabilities, known as "bandwidth," by replacing copper wires with fiber optic cables. Fiber optic cable, which transmits light signals along glass strands, permits faster, higher capacity transmissions than traditional copper wire.

New technologies and services are being introduced daily in the telecommunications industry, and these technologies and services necessarily change rapidly. These factors make the telecommunications industry one of the fastest growing and changing industries in the world economy.

We invite you to explore our website, learn about our products and services, and give us the opportunity to discuss your communication needs. At Landry Communications, we are committed to providing you with the technical insight and on-going support necessary to the growth of your business.

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